• Can you repair cameras of any types and make?

    Most of the times yes. We offer an ample stock of spare parts for most models. Occasionally, however, their manufacturers no longer produce some spare parts or we can not repair them. For further information concerning their model, you are kindly requested to contact us

  • Is my camera worth repairing?

    Having your camera repaired is usually more economical than buying a new one. If water or other liquid has pervaded your camera, repairing it may not be worth repairing. Then again, if it is inexpensive model, it may still not a decision you may contact us for advice.

  • I'm not sure whether my camera has a problem or I'm not using it right.

    First check whether the batteries have been placed correctly. Some cameras working on lithium batteries will not function if the battery level is lower than that specified by the manufacturer. Occasionally again residue from old oxidize batteries causes malfunction. Then, there are also cameras that will not work without a film. If you have exhausted all possibilities and the problem persists do not hesitate to contact us.

  • What guarantees do you offer for the repair?

    We guarantee the proper operation of the cameras we repair for 6 months. Should, within this period a malfunction arises related to the damage we repaired we undertake to repair it without any further shipping and repair charges.

  • What will happen after you receive my camera?

    Upon receiving your camera we 'll inform you as to the cost of the repair within the next 3 to 4 working days. After we receive your confirmation to go on with the repair, you will have to wait 3 to 5 working days before we return it. In case unavailable spare parts are necessary, you will be notified about the propable delivery time.

  • If you cannot repair my camera will you charge me anything.

    In case we cannot repair your camera. You will not be charged anything what so ever. You will only bear the cost of shipment for the return.